Bouquet & Boutonniere

At Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc., we like to take all the guesswork out of your wedding planning. We aim for effortless wedding experiences for our couples, keeping your options simple while providing you with the best the island has to offer. Because the availability of certain types of flowers can be limited on our island, we have found the easiest way to choose a wedding bouquet & boutonniere is to pick a color scheme and trust our amazing local florist to source the freshest, most beautiful flowers for your wedding. Our color schemes for your wedding bouquet and boutonniere include Neutral Seabreeze, Tropical Fiesta, Ruby Red, or Sunflowers. Let us know your selection!

Neutral Seabreeze

Our Neutral Seabreeze bouquets and boutonnieres are right on trend, offering the freshest, most beautiful flowers in whites, ivories, and blush pinks, with a splash of locally available greens.

Tropical Fiesta

Our Tropical Fiesta bouquets and boutonnieres provide the perfect pop of color to brighten up your island wedding. We source our tropical flowers from an organic farmer in the mountains of Puerto Rico.

Ruby Red

Our Ruby Red bouquets are classic. A bouquet of red roses adds romance to your wedding day, and what’s more timeless than a red rose boutonniere against a suit or tuxedo lapel?


Sunflowers are bright, happy flowers, and a lovely punch of color against the natural color scheme of a beach wedding. Our bohemian style couples love this look.