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Day 3: Officially back in business! (With a bang!)

Day 3….Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. is officially back in business! I knew our team was ready and a great wedding experience was possible. But from afar, it was a bit tough to tell just how ready Puerto Rico was. The answer…..she is overwhelming ready!

The couple, the PRDW team, and EVERYONE had a blast.

Leaf and Greg had a gorgeous sunset wedding in one of our favorite places on Earth…Playuela. It was the perfect place for our first wedding post-Maria. As we drove down the hill to get there, our videographer Marquez got a bit emotional as he saw all the palms standing proud. “It doesn’t even look like a hurricane was here.”

The ceremony was perfect…wedding arbor on a deserted beach flanked by the Puerto Rican flag on one side and the American flag on the other.

Afterwards we went to a friend’s restaurant for a delicious wedding cake and brindi (Puerto Rican celebratory toast). Leaf and Greg love music and dancing, so we surprised them with live music, courtesy of another friend who is a musician.

We always say somehow we always have the right couple for the right vibe and wedding experience. Leaf and Greg were no exception. They wanted a party. They wanted to dance. We needed to. After six weeks of living in our post-Maria world, we needed to blow off some steam, together as a team. We don’t usually party with our couples after weddings, but in our post-Maria world, things are different. And sometimes, oftentimes, for the better.

Our mini-reception after party was at Tsunami beach bar at Jobos Beach. When we walked in with the couple, the packed house rose to their feet and cheered them on. Everyone knows that we need people to come to our island, and everyone was so happy to see a beautiful couple having fun as tourists. The deejay joined in and next things we knew had a full-on wedding reception, complete a conga line led by the bride. And the rum and cokes had ice, and the beers and waters were cold.

We danced all night. Every single one of us. It.was.so.much.fun.

Again, we are open and ready for business, better than ever. Hotels have generators, restaurants are open, the beaches are beautiful, and Puerto Rico welcomes you!!


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