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What Economic Issues? Puerto Rico Awaits You!

We’ve been fielding questions from destination wedding couples wondering about the economic crisis in Puerto Rico: “Is it safe?” “Are there riots?” “Will my hotel go out of business?” “Should I really plan a wedding there?”

We are happy to say that everything is business as usual here in Puerto Rico! There have been no riots. Businesses that cater to tourists are in business, and thriving. The possibilities to create your own special and beautiful destination wedding or elopement are endless.

Sure, no one’s happy about the increased sales tax. Yes, many of us are frustrated about the government’s role and inaction in creating this economic situation. But complaints about taxes and government are hardly unique to Puerto Rico!

Specifically in northwest Puerto Rico, where we’re located (though we perform weddings all over the island), the future is bright. Lufthansa is opening up a new aircraft maintenance facility later this month, creating almost 500 high-skilled jobs. Two new restaurants in our area have opened up in the past week alone – a barbecue joint as well as a new taqueria. Yum!

As a tourist, you’re unlikely to see any evidence of the economic issues. Hotels, restaurants, tourism companies, and everyone in the wedding industry is delighted to welcome you to our beautiful island! Bienvenidos!!


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