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Allison & Hiram’s Taino & Jewish Wedding in Puerto Rico


Zoom In: The Taino Jewish Wedding of Allison & Hiram

Check out Allison & Hiram’s stunning wedding video


We love honoring our couple’s heritage and family traditions in our wedding ceremonies! Hiram’s family is from Puerto Rico; like most Puerto Ricans, (read more here) Taino blood likely runs through their veins. And Allison’s family has a rich tradition of Jewish heritage and beautiful wedding customs. Like Cynn & Nick, Allison & Hiram have been working with us for several years; travel restrictions in 2020 delayed their wedding plans but they were undeterred! They were ultimately able to be married in Puerto Rico as they had dreamed. Their wedding ceremony featured many tributes to their respective heritages, including a traditional Taino blessing and a ring warming ceremony with Allison’s grandmother’s wedding ring, used for eight different family weddings before Allison & Hiram’s special day. In a ring warming ceremony, each guest holds the ring, taking a silent moment to honor the original bearer of the wedding ring, while blessing the couple and their upcoming life together.



Allison & Hiram included additional photography time in their wedding package so that they could document their entire day. Our photographer went to their vacation rental before the wedding to document these beautiful moments as Allison’s bridesmaids helped her into her wedding gown.



The breaking of the glass was one of the many beautiful traditions honored at the wedding of Allison & Hiram.



Introducing the happily married couple!



After the ceremony was complete, Allison & Hiram enjoyed some time exploring The Ruins and the surrounding areas. They loved the tributes to local culture.



We love this photograph of the elegant bride in her gorgeous wedding dress withThe Ruins as a backdrop.



Felicidades to the happy couple!


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