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Limousine Transportation

May 5, 2022

Joanna Perez


Coco Chanel is our trusty stretch white limousine. Along with our amazing team of chauffeurs, she boldly navigates the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico, allowing you to get to your wedding in comfort and style. Our limousine service includes transportation from your vacation rental or hotel to your wedding venue and back. Prices start at $375 for couples staying on the west coast of Puerto Rico and $675 for the San Juan metro area. And we can customize for locations across the island.


Charlotte & Norman arrived in comfort and style for their last-minute elopement at Puerto Hermina.




Booking our limousine transportation means you don’t have to worry about getting to your wedding on time, getting directions, or navigating in a new place on your wedding day. Marisol & Lorenzo booked our limousine transportation for their sunrise wedding at Puerto Hermina.



For the most stress-free wedding day, book our limousine transportation, we’d love to help!


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Photos:AJR Photo Studio

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