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Getting a Puerto Rican Marriage License



As the island’s leader in destination weddings and elopements, we’ve answered thousands of questions about how to get a Puerto Rican marriage license. Never have those answers been more valuable than right now, as the Puerto Rican marriage license requirements changed in December 2020 (click here). Unfortunately, at this time of writing, few websites have updated their information with the new requirements, including the official government and tourism sites. In addition, we’ve been hearing from couples who’ve received mistaken information from officiants or wedding companies with little or no experience applying for Puerto Rican marriage licenses under the new rules. Please be careful to trust only the experts with experience.

It has never been easier to get a Puerto Rican marriage license, if you use our services and follow our process. Please read carefully the following, and let us know what questions you have or how we can help!

The step-by process to get a Puerto Rican marriage license

So what does the step-by process to get a Puerto Rican marriage license look like? It’s easy!

  1. Book one of our wedding or elopement packages. Within twenty-four hours of your deposit to reserve your date and time, we’ll send you a detailed email confirmation with all the information, checklists, and timelines for what you’ll need to send us so that we can obtain your Puerto Rican marriage license on your behalf.
  2. Three weeks prior to your wedding date, you’ll send us your STD lab results from the USA (click here for more information), your birth certificates, copies of your IDs, and any divorce or death certificates from previous marriages. 
  3. As part of our services, we’ll submit your lab results to a government-approved doctor who will provide the required sign-off.
  4. Ten days before your wedding, we’ll apply to the Puerto Rican government for your marriage license.
  5. We’ll bring your approved marriage license and a few other documents to your wedding for you to sign.
  6. The week after your wedding, we’ll submit your signed marriage license and register your wedding at the government offices. 
  7. After another few weeks for the government to enter your marriage into the system, we’ll return and apply for your marriage certificate for you. We’ll send your official marriage certificate to your home address.



Importantly, you need never step foot in a government office while in Puerto Rico, as we take care of EVERYTHING for you. In addition, our partnership with a doctor enables you to take care of everything before your trip, instead of rushing around getting lab results and going to doctor’s appointments while on the island. Also, because we’re in and out of the government offices several times every week, you can rest assured that we can address anything that comes up. 

Finally, the timelines listed above are for weddings with plenty of advance notice. We can and do often accommodate last-minute requests; indeed, we’ve performed legal weddings in as little as 24 hours notice. Just let us know what you are thinking, and we’ll let you know if it’s possible or not.



A few helpful definitions:

Marriage license: Before your wedding, this is issued online by the Puerto Rican government after submitting the necessary paperwork. This document allows you to be legally married in Puerto Rico. Your Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. officiant will take care of applying for and obtaining this for you, and will bring it to your ceremony for you to sign.

Marriage certificate: After your wedding, this is issued by the Puerto Rican government.  Again, your PRDW officiant will take care of obtaining this for you, and will send it to your home in the USA within 1-2 months after your wedding. This document is what you’ll use for legal purposes like name changes, health insurance, and more.

If you have any questions about Puerto Rican marriage license requirements, please fill out our contact form. We’d love to help!



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