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Puerto Rico is Open for Business!

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers this week in the aftermath of the earthquakes that have hit Puerto Rico. We appreciate all the love and support, and we’d like to answer your offers to help by encouraging you to visit our amazing island. Yes, even as our hearts go out the communities in the south of Puerto Rico who have suffered destruction, almost all of the island is open for business, and has never been more beautiful! 

As an update, we felt the earthquake on Tuesday morning, but our homes and offices suffered no damage. Other than waiting for power to be restored (we’re hopeful today is the day), it’s just another wonderful day in paradise.
In addition, we’ve been busy working. We had a sunset wedding the afternoon that the earthquake struck, as well as another wedding the very next day. We’re so happy to say that both went wonderfully…..two more happy couples! The beach setting was stunning and untouched, the champagne was still cold, the wedding cake was still delicious, and our hair and makeup artist was able to help everyone get ready and look wedding day beautiful, using solar and generator power. Watch this blog over the upcoming days, as well as our social media, to see beautiful photos and video of both of these weddings, and more.
Our island is open for business and tourism, and we welcome you with open arms. Want to support Puerto Rico? Come visit! 



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