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What’s that Puerto Rico ‘Stamp’, or Sello?

Puerto Rican government stamp

Couples often contact us seeking a symbolic ceremony, where they are legally married in the USA or elsewhere, but choose to have their wedding ceremony and celebration on our beautiful island.  Usually it’s because they’ve heard or read that the process to be legally married in Puerto Rico is time-consuming and stressful.  We’re here to tell you it’s actually really easy to be get married in PR, and we’re happy to help take some of the mystery out of the process.

One question we’re often asked is about the ‘stamp’, or ‘sello’ in Spanish.  Simply put, this is how the Puerto Rican government collects fees from people.  In Puerto Rico, you buy a stamp from an agent or government office, and that stamp is put on official documents to show that you’ve paid the appropriate fee.  Sellos are used for car title transfers, local taxes, and, yes, destination wedding fees.  They are sold at government collecturias, some banks, and even kiosks and small stores who charge a small commission.

A sello is literally a yellow sticker with a value printed on them (see the photo which shows the receipt of one).  Depending on where you get your marriage license (we help you out with this!), you simply buy your stamp to pay your Puerto Rico destination wedding fee and include it with the rest of the paperwork you take the demographic registrar’s office.

As part of our services, we assist couples at all steps of the process to get married in Puerto Rico.  Contact us for more information!


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