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Saludos !

Spring is in the air here in Puerto Rico!

This month, we’re delighted to announce virtually all Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted on our island. Woohoo!

We’re happy that such much-welcome news brings new travelers to our island. Many of you know that travel and international living is very much a part of us and our backgrounds. We love drawing from our experiences around the globe with so many different cultures and religions in our own ceremonies. ‘Jumping the Broom’ is one such beautiful tradition, and we share some of our jumping couples below!

And, finally, here on Hacienda222, our teacup chickens have given birth to three precious chicks. They are so tiny, and so cute! Follow us on the links below to watch them grow up … or wait to enjoy their yummy eggs in your wedding cake or festive coquito shot at your celebration at Hacienda222.

We welcome you!

Covid-19 Update

It’s been a long time coming, but our government has loosened restrictions for travel to Puerto Rico.

As of March 10, travelers from the United States do not have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test to enter Puerto Rico. Masks are also no longer required by executive order (though some businesses will continue to require masks).

You can read more about Covid-19 requirements and any future changes here and here.

We hope to see you in Puerto Rico soon!

Cultural Traditions: Jumping the Broom

We love honoring cultural traditions in our wedding ceremonies. Today, we highlight jumping the broom. The origins of this tradition are disputed, but its meaning is clear. It is the blessing of a new journey, together. And we think that is pretty amazing!

Bria & Lavon jumped the broom during their beautiful and intimate wedding at La Rogativa in San Juan. Bria said, “The wedding was beautiful and everything I could’ve ever wanted and prayed for.”

Lilah & Dani’s family cheered as they jumped the broom in Puerto Hermina. Felicidades to all our happy couples, and thank you for letting us be a part of this beautiful tradition with you!

Happenings at Hacienda222

Last month we shared a bit of our Grand Opening of Hacienda222. It was a wonderful event and we are grateful for all who attended both in-person and online. We’d love it if you would take a moment to follow Hacienda222 on Facebook and Instagram, and leave a review if you’ve had the privilege of attending an event at Hacienda222. This means so much to our small business. Thank you for your support!


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