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Clarissa and Walter’s Elopement at The Ruins in Aguadilla

Out of destruction can come beauty.

As many of you know, Puerto Rico experienced an earthquake earlier this week.  

Clarissa and Walter were married on the beach at The Ruins of Aguadilla several weeks ago. Like many of our couples, they enjoyed a beautiful photo and video shoot in and around the gorgeous remains of these lighthouse Ruins.  Here’s their stunning wedding video by @jose Marquez of Marquez Photography, with cover photo by @AJR and hair and makeup by @Ninah Gil.
As background, more than one hundred years ago, in October 1918, Puerto Rico experienced an earthquake not unlike the one that struck our island earlier this week. 1918’s earthquake generated a tsunami which destroyed the lighthouse of Aguadilla, leaving behind a stunning beach setting where hundreds of our couples have enjoyed their unique and picturesque wedding.
More than one hundred years later, we’re happy to say that The Ruins of Aguadilla suffered no additional damage from this week’s earthquake.  We can only hope that the lighthouse of Guanica, devastated this week, will one day be a special place of beauty and happiness, just like our own Ruins of Aguadilla.  




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