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Top Five Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Top five tips for writing your own wedding vows
Top five tips for writing your own wedding vows

Writing your own wedding vows is a lovely way to add a very personal touch to your wedding ceremony. We’ve learned it can also be the cause of some wedding day anxiety, so we’d like to give you our top five tips for writing your own wedding vows. Today’s Friday Five will help make your exchange of vows everything you dreamed of!


#5. Consider writing your vows in a beautiful journal or on cardstock. It’ll look nicer in photos than using your cell phone, and you won’t run the risk of being distracted by any notifications on your phone, even if on silent (yes, it happens!).


#4. Decide a few ground rules ahead of time. For example, agree as a couple approximately how long you want your vows to be. If one of you writes a novel and the other just says, “I love you,” it can come off a little lopsided. Also, discuss if there are any off-limit topics, such as embarrassing stories that only one of you finds funny, or anything you would rather not share in front of others. Also, decide on the tone of your vows; for example, if you’d rather things be more serious than funny it’s great to set such expectations in advance.


#3. Try to be original and true to yourself and your relationship. It’s tempting to use Google, but it’s so much more authentic to not use others’ words. If you are stuck or with writer’s block, try using a friend as a sounding board.


#2. The earlier, the better! Those quiet few minutes in the days immediately before your wedding, when you’ll get away and contemplate your relationship and your love while you write your vows? Unfortunately, those minutes will never happen as you’ll be busy with so many other things to do. Write your vows early, so that you can enjoy the process and express yourself without the pressure of a deadline.


#1. Don’t Force It. If it is just not happening, it’s okay! You have enough things to think about without adding stress to your planning. Your wedding will still be amazing without writing your own wedding vows. Talk to your officiant about your personality as a couple, and leave the exact wording to the professionals!

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