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Top Five Unique Wedding Venues In Puerto Rico

Unique Wedding Venues In Puerto Rico
Victoria & Jonathon’s wedding at the forts in Old San Juan

It’s easy to find unique wedding venues in Puerto Rico. In fact, the real challenge is narrowing it down to the top five! Among the places to choose are castles, waterfalls, and even an old pirate’s lair. We hope that this Friday Five helps you choose your own unique wedding venue in Puerto Rico!


#5. The Ruins of Aguadilla

If Hollywood were to design the ruins of a Spanish neo-classical lighthouse, destroyed by tsunami more than one hundred years ago, it’d look like this. Our beloved “Ruins” are the backdrop for so many incredibly unique beach weddings, with dozens of places in and around to choose for a small wedding ceremony.


#4. Guajataca Tunnel

An abandoned picturesque railway tunnel leading to a deserted beach, a palm grove, a white sandy peninsula…photo opportunities abound!


#3. Gozalandia Falls

Unlike the waterfalls of El Yunque tropical forest, Gozalandia Falls are not crowded, and weddings are allowed. The falls are a great adventure elopement option…hike to the bottom of these stunning waterfalls for an epic and unique wedding ceremony experience! Watch for the cliff divers in the background of our videos.


#2. The Ruins of Puerto Hermina

Ever wanted to be married in the ruins of a historic pirates’ lair? Or, enjoy a gorgeous beach wedding with fabric-draped ruins as your backdrop? Puerto Hermina is a favorite of our team, and our closest elopement beach location to San Juan.


#1. El Morro or San Cristobal

San Juan boasts two waterfront forts dating back to the 16th century. Both are available as stunning wedding venues. Imagine your ceremony against the patina of a 400-year sea wall framed by breathtaking ocean views. Perhaps the most unique wedding venues to Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean!

Were you able to pick a favorite? You really can’t go wrong. Check out our YouTube channel where we have playlists of all these amazing and unique wedding venues in Puerto Rico, and more!

Photo: AJR Photo Studio

Video: Marquez Photography



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