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Writing Your Own Vows for Your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

Puerto Rico destination wedding Writing your own vows for your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding.

We’re often asked by our couples if it’s possible to write their own vows for their Puerto Rico destination wedding or elopement on the beach. Yes, absolutely! Writing your own vows can be a beautiful way to capture what your wedding means, in your own words. All of our ceremonies are customized to exactly what the couple wants.

Here’s a bit of advice:
-Don’t procrastinate. Set your deadline for completion several weeks or even months before your flight to get married in Puerto Rico. You will not have time or desire once here to write your own vows, no matter how much you think you will. Please do not email your vows to your officiant the day of the wedding and ask her to print and/or include.
-Even if you are keeping your words secret from each other, talk about what the general tone and set a few guidelines, such as approximate length.
-Be true and from the heart. Beautiful vows need not be poetic, but they should be authentic.
-Don’t feel as if your words must be entertaining. Humor can be fun if it’s appropriate, but it’s not necessary. These are words for each other, not for your guests.
-Email your officiant copies of your vows (you can do this separately if you want to keep confidential).
-Print out your vows to have with you the day of your ceremony.

In addition, we offer a good deal of advice from others about how to write your own vows for your Puerto Rico destination wedding on our Pinterest page here.

Your Puerto Rico wedding ceremony will be beautiful even if you choose not to write your own vows. All of our ceremonies are personal and customized to the couple and the setting. In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, we get to know you and allow you to make specific requests (traditional vs. contemporary, for instance). Don’t feel as if you must write your own vows to have a meaningful ceremony, but if you do choose to do so, we’re happy to help with writing your own vows for your Puerto Rico destination wedding.


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