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Should media hype about Zika keep you away? NO!

Zika virus in Puerto Rico, get married in Puerto Rico Zika virus should not keep you from visiting PR!

We received the following email from a client looking to get married in Puerto Rico, but were concerned about traveling to Puerto Rico because what they have been hearing in the media about the Zika virus.  We thought we’d share our response with you in case anyone else had the same question about whether to be alarmed about the Zika virus in Puerto Rico.

Hello Ashley – Hope you are well.  I just wanted to reach out to you, to let you I haven’t forgotten about you.  Unfortunately, the whole Zika alerts is making us second-guess going to P.R.  We still want to go but…????  What is your personal opinion on the situation?

Hola! Thank you for your message and for reaching out with your concern.

You asked for my personal opinion.  My personal opinion on the situation is that the Zika issue has been WAY overdone by the media.  I know a LOT of people on this island, and not only do I not know anyone with Zika, I don’t know anyone who knows anyone with Zika. The only person I know who is acting in any way differently is a pregnant friend of mine who’s being careful not to be bitten by mosquitos, wearing long pants and shirts and insect repellent when she’s outside.  Which is understandable, and good practice in general for pregnant women.

On a personal note, I didn’t even have screens on my windows up until a few days ago (I have a wonderful dog with separation anxiety who tore them up months ago, so I removed them). I added screens recently not because of a fear of Zika, but because of a few bugs in general that were getting into my tropical home.

Many of us on the island are actually getting pretty upset at the sensationalistic approach the media has taken to reporting this virus that has affected so few.  The cases that have been reported haven’t even been in touristy areas.  Zika (as well as the financial crisis) has had absolutely no effect on our lives here. Especially here on the western side of PR, restaurants are full, businesses are booming, and we are happy and ready to welcome you and your family to have a wonderful and safe vacation here..

Click here for a well-balanced article about the facts and reality.

Please don’t stay away from Puerto Rico on behalf of distorted media hype about the Zika virus!  Come, have a wonderful time, and get married on our beautiful island.  We are here to welcome you!


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