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One of our Favorite Beach Wedding Spots- El Pastillo

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Featured Location: El Pastillo

El Pastillo in Isabela is one of our favorite beach wedding spots. It is perfect for weddings, and for a fun day when we’re not working as well! El Pastillo is a bit of a secret spot; most tourists and Puerto Ricans have never even seen it and a busy day there means that you might see one or two other cars.


It’s easy to find if you know where to go, and there’s free parking right off the beach. Walk out on the beach and treasures await. To the west is a dramatic cliff and rock formations. Look carefully and you can see the cacique (Taino Indian chief) staring out to sea as he guards Isabela. To the east is a crescent-shaped sandy beach rimmed with palm trees.



For the adventurous, a long beach walk in either direction is infinitely rewarding. Under the cacique face is a beautiful open cave, accessible only in summer months every few years. We’ve had the only known wedding there, at least in modern times (We like to think that this was a sacred space for the nature-loving Taino Indians, who might have used it for their own ceremonies!).



Beyond the palm groves to the east is a stunning tide pool, great for a relaxing day with the kids, who are sure to spot treasures like shells and sea glass, crabs, and even octopuses in nature’s swimming pool. 

There’s also an elevated grassy knoll with a stunning panoramic view, as well as a dramatic driftwood forest, making it a perfect beach wedding spot.



Whatever your vision for your wedding day, El Pastillo is a great option and sure to deliver!



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