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Top Five Things to Avoid When Planning a Beach Wedding

We love the beauty and simplicity of a beach wedding. But planning that simple and stunning beach wedding is different in so many ways than planning a conventional wedding. Much of the standard advice from other websites and magazines includes many factors that just don’t come into play when your wedding ceremony is surrounded by nature. Here’s our top five things to avoid when planning a beach wedding. We hope it helps to make your wedding stress-free and easy!

#1 Shoes

Shoes are definitely optional for beach weddings. Dress shoes and high heels will make walking in the sand difficult, and might limit some of your possibilities for more dramatic and beautiful photos. Some of our brides like to opt for jewelry for their feet instead of shoes, but many of our couples go barefoot, and love it!

#2 Uncomfortable Clothing

Flowing, natural fabrics work best for a beach wedding. Dresses that are too heavy or constricting can be challenging in hot sun. Long veils and trains, especially those in tulle, will snag on every stick and branch if you are walking on trails or rocks. Also, consider if you want to get wet and adventurous as well. Some of our favorite weddings are the ones that trash the dress (or the suit)!

Planning a Beach Wedding

#3 Technology

Wedding planning tools might suggest music, microphones, artificial lighting, and more. When planning a beach wedding it is best to leave all those things behind. The most romantic sounds to walk down the sandy aisle are often the waves crashing on the shore. Microphones pick up more of the sound of the wind and the waves than words. And the best lighting is provided by nature, and managed by your professional photographer. And, anything that can go wrong in terms of connectivity, batteries, cell signal, and more, will go wrong. Therefore, enjoy and embrace nature’s beauty, and be present in the moment.

#4 A Reception on the Beach

A ceremony on a deserted beach is simply perfection. However, dinners and afterparties require bathrooms, lighting, protection from the elements, and much more. If you plan to follow it up with a party, we recommend finding a private villa or an Airbnb where you can dance the night away, or ask us about our own venue space!

#5 Convention

Finally, The absolute best thing about a beach wedding is avoiding all the hassle and complication of a more traditional wedding. Make your own rules. Ditch all the traditional. Your beach wedding should be all about you, and a gorgeous, simple, intimate way to say I do.

If you’d like help planning the perfect beach wedding, fill out our contact form. We would love to be part of your destination wedding or elopement!



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