Christmas in Puerto Rico!

Saludos! You’ve probably already taken down your Christmas ornaments and hauled off or packed up your tree (no judgment if you haven’t!). But Navidad is still going strong in Puerto Rico! Did you know that Puerto Rico boasts the longest Christmas season in the world? Navidad isn’t just a holiday, it’s truly a season. Decorations […]

Maricela & Quinten’s Capsule Collection

Maricela and Quinten enjoyed a beautiful, intimate elopement at Puerto Hermina, one of our most popular wedding locations. They chose our elopement package and customized it by adding our decor package, marriage certificate support, and doorstep hair and makeup. It was a gorgeous morning for a wedding! 

Puerto Rico Marriage License Guide

If you’ve spent any time at all trying to figure out how to be legally married in Puerto Rico, you’ve probably read or heard incorrect information. From other wedding companies to the official government tourism sites, almost every website lists old, outdated requirements from before November 2020. Below, please read the different updates and blog […]

Your Guide to West Puerto Rico

Many of our couples have never been to Puerto Rico, and we are often asked for advice on how to have the best trip to our amazing island. Our best advice? Act like the locals, get out of the big city, and stay in and enjoy west Puerto Rico, home to the island’s most beautiful […]