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Getting Legally Married in Puerto Rico

November 17, 2022

Joanna Perez


Updated 19 July 2024 

If you’ve spent any time at all trying to figure out how to be legally married in Puerto Rico, you’ve probably read or heard incorrect information. We are the experts and have delivered marriage certificates to more than five hundred couples who have been married on our beautiful island.

So, consider this your authoritative guide, and keep reading for all the information and insight for your legal wedding in Puerto Rico.

Marriage requirements for Puerto Rico

Here are the requirements to be legally married in Puerto Rico. 

Fact check: legal requirements to get married in Puerto Rico

We know it’s frustrating to read incorrect and misleading information. Here we fact-check what you might see online about the legalities of being legally married in Puerto Rico.

Our "Let Us Take Care of Everything" support

We offer a service where we “take care of everything”, allowing our couples to have the ultimate stress-free wedding experience and vacation in Puerto Rico.

Advice: Finding someone to help with your legal Puerto Rico wedding

Want our advice? Here’s what we’ve seen and learned.



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