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Marriage Requirements for Puerto Rico

28 February 2022: We’re happy to report no new changes. The requirements to be legally married in Puerto Rico are the same as outlined below. We’re proud to say that we have perfected our process and have successfully married more than 100 couples using our proven system. We frequently hear from couples who have been given outdated or incorrect information. Many have booked with a wedding company that says they can help but, at the last minute, have been unable to help them be legally married in Puerto Rico. If you’d like to be legally married in Puerto Rico, we’d love to help! We’ll guide you through the process and take care of everything so that you can enjoy your time in Puerto Rico and never have to set foot in a government office. Contact us for more information.

15 January 2021: Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. is truly the expert in destination weddings and elopements in Puerto Rico. We legally marry and register the destination weddings of more couples than all other wedding companies and officiants on this island combined. You have come to the right place! We will provide dated and accurate updates on marriage requirements for Puerto Rico here. 


NOTICE: Please be careful about following the advice of other wedding companies and even official government sites. There is so much faulty information online about the marriage requirements for Puerto Rico, especially since the December 2020 changes that have received almost no online attention.


This is the latest and up-to-date information about the legal requirements to get married in Puerto Rico. This is our time-tested and proven process to be legally married in Puerto Rico as easily as possible. 


What are the marriage requirements for Puerto Rico? 


  • Your birth certificates (copies only, as everything will be submitted online in pdf format)
  • Copies of your drivers’ licenses or passports 
  • IF your name on your birth certificate is different than that on your ID (due to marriage, adoption, name change, etc.), divorce or death certificates or adoption or name change papers that explain the difference are required
  • Effective December 2020, the Puerto Rican government is requiring destination wedding couples to submit a laboratory or blood test (which can be completed in the USA) and a marriage license signed by a Puerto Rican doctor (we work closely with one, and it can completed from the USA). Don’t worry … we’ve got you covered! Here is our process:


  1. The laboratory or blood test required to be married in Puerto Rico is for the STDs of syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV. The results must be dated within 24 days of your wedding date. There are several options for completion: 

Option 1. Depending on your community, free testing might be offered at your local health department, Planned Parenthood, or LGBTQ+ center (click here). Your local doctor, urgent care center, or hospital should also be able to help, though likely not for free.

Option 2. At-home tests for purchase that you can order and submit online (click here).


Option 3. (not recommended due to typical and unforeseen “island life” delays and complications). Have your blood test done at a laboratory in Puerto Rico upon your arrival.


  1. Ten days before your wedding date, even if you are still at your home in the USA, you’ll send us everything digitally in pdf format.  


We take care of everything else from there! The doctor will get us what we need. We’ll apply for and obtain your marriage license. We’ll bring everything for you to sign on your wedding day. We’ll register your marriage afterward. We’ll send you an online link two weeks after your wedding for you to order your official marriage certificate to be delivered to your home. We do all the work and take care of everything, so you can enjoy your wedding and vacation in Puerto Rico.


*Note: the doctor does reserve the right to have a 5-minute Zoom call to verify your identity, which we would coordinate if needed. It has never been needed before. 


EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 2020 NO affidavit or sworn statement or letter from a lawyer is required to be married in Puerto Rico. 


The fee to the government offices for destination wedding couples is $30 instead of $150 (which is included in our all-inclusive wedding packages, in addition to the above services and process).


Couples do NOT need to go to the government offices while in Puerto Rico, using the services of Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. We take of everything for our couples.


No original birth certificates or ID’s are needed. Everything is completed digitally in pdf format.



We’d like to offer some general advice about planning your destination wedding or elopement and navigating the legal requirements to be married in Puerto Rico.


The first request we have of our booked couples is to stop researching and reading anything online. We provide updates with everything that they need to know and any changes, from the time they book their wedding with us to the time they have their official marriage certificate in hand after their wedding. There is SO much bad and inaccurate information out there, from wedding blogs to even the official government websites. Unfortunately, website updates don’t seem to happen in a timely manner in Puerto Rico, or at all. 


We pride ourselves on being the exception. We always stay up-to-date as a result of our extensive professional and government connections on the island. Those networks allow us to communicate with and also keep our couples up-to-date so that they always have the peace of mind that their wedding experience will be effortless and stress-free.


Also, please be careful about any “local knowledge” from any well-meaning loved one or source in Puerto Rico. The process has changed a lot in 2020, and it remains quite different for Puerto Rican residents than for destination wedding couples. 


Finally, we’ve seen so many wedding companies, officiants, lawyers, and more, offer incorrect advice and guidance about marriage requirements in Puerto Rico. Some don’t even live on the island of Puerto Rico or have any connections with government contacts (truly vital to get things done here). When selecting your team for your Puerto Rico destination wedding or elopement, be sure to ask and consider how much experience they have working with destination wedding couples under the revised requirements …


Or, let us know how we, the experts, can help with the destination wedding or elopement of your dreams!! See what our couples have to say about working with us here, and let us know what questions you have. We’d love to be a part of your special day!



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