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Top 5 questions we get about gay weddings, including is gay marriage legal in Puerto Rico?

We work with many gay couples, and have heard many different questions about gay weddings in Puerto Rico throughout the years. We thoughts we’d share some FAQ’s, and answers, about making your gay marriage legal in Puerto Rico.

gay marriage legal Puerto Rico

#5 . Q: “Is Puerto Rico gay friendly?”

A: We can only speak from our experiences. In dozens of weddings in gay wedding venues in Puerto Rico, often in public places, we have not once had a single instance of homophobia. Quite the contrary … Puerto Ricans love romance and weddings! Our couples sometimes find themselves posing for photos and selfies with curious and outgoing members of the public offering congratulations and felicidades.


#4. Q: “Is there a waiting period to make our gay marriage legal in Puerto Rico? Is the process complicated?”

A: No, and not if you follow our instructions and guidance. Unlike many other Caribbean islands, where gay marriage is not even legal, there is no waiting period to get married in Puerto Rico. It’s even possible to arrive in the morning, get your marriage license and be legally married in Puerto Rico the same day (though we’d recommend taking a bit of time to enjoy the island!)

gay marriage legal Puerto Rico

#3. Q: “We want to make sure we are welcomed that our vacation and our wedding experience is full of love and acceptance, but it’s tough to know that when we live so far away. Help?”

A: Leave it to us! Every vendor, every local business, every team member that we hire or recommend is 110% gay-friendly, and committed to making sure your gay marriage is not only legal in Puerto Rico, but beautiful, inclusive, and effortless as well.


#2. Q: “We live in Europe, in a country where gay marriage is not legal. Is our gay wedding legal in Puerto Rico?”

A: Yes. As part of our services, we’ll help with the paperwork requirements to make your Puerto Rico gay marriage legal. You’ll need birth certificates and a few legal documents we’ll help with, but nothing that can’t be done as a citizen of almost any country.

gay marriage legal Puerto Rico

#1. Q: “Is gay marriage legal in Puerto Rico?”

A: YES! As Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, rulings such as the June 2015 ruling that legalized gay marriage across the states apply.

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