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Do You Need to Speak Spanish to Visit Puerto Rico?

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Do You Need to Speak Spanish to Visit Puerto Rico?


We work with so many happy couples who are planning their first vacation to Puerto Rico. Especially as good information online can be limited, we often find ourselves answering questions and helping and sharing our expertise about our island in general. The team at Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. has feet on the ground and we’ve spent years learning everything we can about this beautiful island. We’ll be posting an occasional blog to answer our most frequently asked questions. Today, we tackle the question, do I need to speak Spanish to visit Puerto Rico?


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Puerto Rico is a stunning Caribbean island, and a US Territory. Puerto Rican citizens are American citizens. Because it is a US territory, visiting is just like visiting a neighboring state. We use the dollar, most cell phone providers work without additional fees, you don’t need a passport to travel, and rental cars and GPS are easy. And it is less than a three-hour flight from some US airports! A visit to Puerto Rico is exotic and beautiful…and so much easier than international travel.

And now to our frequently asked question…Do you need to speak Spanish to visit Puerto Rico?


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Most people in Puerto Rico are bilingual, to a varying degree. Many Puerto Ricans travel to and from the U.S. for work and family, and English and U.S. culture is ubiquitous. We know plenty of people who live in Puerto Rico without being able to speak Spanish and are able to manage just fine! Although you might run into the occasional language barrier, use it as an opportunity to brush off your high school Spanish, or let Google Translate come to the rescue!


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As for your wedding day, your team at Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. is fully bilingual and our ceremonies are conducted in English by a native English speaker. We walk you through the process to get your marriage license before you even arrive in Puerto Rico. We take care of everything (you send all your paperwork in advance, to us), so you’ll never have to navigate a government office or website in Spanish. We even apply for a copy of your marriage license for you and send you your marriage certificate in the mail after your wedding.
In summary, y
ou can come to Puerto Rico and enjoy your time and vacation on this beautiful island, AND be legally married, without speaking Spanish!


Yang & Igor’s stylish elopement in Puerto Hermina


A visit to Puerto Rico will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and a chance to experience a warm and welcoming culture…but Spanish is not required. We hope to see you on the island soon!


If you’d like more information about getting married in Puerto Rico, please contact us. We’d love to help!



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