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Tosin & Dermot Get Married in Puerto Rico




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Tosin wanted to wear green for her wedding and her mother wanted her to wear white. Tosin followed her heart in this stunning gown and changed to a white dress to honor her mother after the ceremony. What a stunning bride!




First kiss! We love the way the doorway of the pirate’s lair at Puerto Hermina frames Tosin & Dermot and the perfect wave behind them.



First things first, we have to make it legal! Tosin & Dermot added our ‘let us take care of everything’ marriage certificate support to their elopement package. We’ve worked hard to streamline this into a stress-free process for our couples. Tosin & Dermot submitted their documentation to us before they traveled and we took care of all the required government office visits, fees, etc. They did not have to set foot in a government office while they were in Puerto Rico. All they had to do was sign this piece of paper! After their wedding, we applied for a copy of their marriage certificate on their behalf and sent it to their home. 



Tosin & Dermot celebrated with cake and champagne. They chose our coconut cake featuring fresh coconut from Hacienda222. Absolutely delicious!



You never know what you are going to get with a Puerto Rico Destination Wedding! Tosin & Dermot added live music to their elopement package with a request for traditional Puerto Rican music. They were in luck as one of our musicians is an aficionado of island music. Javo plays the Puertorican cuatro, a violin-shaped guitar standard in regional music, as well as the conga drums. The part we didn’t plan was a local traditional music expert and friend of PRDW being at the beach that day. He brought out his guiro (the gourd instrument Tosin is playing in the photo above) and Tosin & Dermot got an impromptu music lesson and jam session. It was a great party!



Tosin & Dermot played and danced and had a wonderful time!  Felicidades to the happy couple! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!


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