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Hurricane Season

August 31, 2023

Joanna Perez



This month’s edition of The Latest finds us in the season of last-minute vacations, back-to-school, and of course here in the Caribbean, hurricanes.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean is June to November, with the peak season mid-August to mid-October. Puerto Rico can expect several hurricane-level storms to pass through or near the island during this season.

But most of these storms will feel more like a passing rainstorm than a powerful hurricane. Some parts of the island won’t feel the effects at all.

Contrary to what many might think, most years we are virtually untouched by hurricanes, except for such rain. I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for more than ten hurricane seasons, and in only one year did we experience serious disruptions to life and business due to hurricanes. Even then, we performed the island’s first post-Hurricane Maria wedding, only three weeks later.

The wedding of Leaf & Greg, just three weeks after Hurricane Maria.

Regardless, Puerto Ricans know not to take this season lightly. Most hotels and rentals and businesses involved with tourism have generators as a backup power source in case of a power outage as well as cisterns with backup water. Puerto Rico’s buildings, including residential homes, are built out of concrete to withstand even the toughest storms.

Our stunning event venue, Hacienda222, runs on solar power and uses rainwater collection so our events will not be affected by power or water outages on the island.

But we understand that there are a lot of questions about having a wedding during hurricane season. Here’s a little about what to expect.

Traveling to Puerto Rico During Hurricane Season

The hurricane season wedding of Stephanie & Wes at Hacienda222.

There will be a chance of rain

This tropical climate is no stranger to a passing rainstorm. We go into more detail in our blogs about rain on your wedding day and what is the best time for an outdoor wedding.

Our advice? If you are trying to avoid rain, a morning wedding is the best choice for you, as rain is less likely in the morning.

Even so, rain on the island tends to happen in short bursts. Usually, we can wait a few minutes for the rain to pass, then proceed with your wedding with uncrowded, fresh beaches and sometimes even a beautiful rainbow!

The beautiful rainy day wedding of Layne & Evyn.

There will be a chance of storms

There is a higher likelihood of a storm in the late summer and early fall. If your dates are flexible, consider booking in the winter or spring. You can read more here about the best time of year to get married in Puerto Rico. But also, keep reading…

Melissa & Kelly’s wedding during hurricane season on a beautiful, sunny day.

Most likely,

We always aim to give you all the information you need so you can make the right decision for you and your loved ones. During hurricane season, we’re constantly in contact with our couples, providing information and insight that The Weather Channel simply can’t.

The reality is that it doesn’t rain or storm every day in the hurricane season. Out of hundreds of weddings we’ve performed over the past ten years, a tiny percentage have been affected by rain. Things always work out as they are meant to be!

BUT, regardless of what time of year you book your wedding, our process is flexible and gives you peace of mind.

All deposits and payments for your weddings are transferable to another date and time, with no change fees. As long as we are available on your desired date, there is no problem with moving your wedding date. For extra peace of mind, consider booking travel insurance.

BUT, if there is a hurricane, never fear!

Alexa & Luis’ wedding the day before hurricane Fiona.

If a storm passes, Hacienda222 (and all of our beach locations) are off-the-grid and designed with such storms in mind. Also, when a hurricane hits, we’re affected for 24-36 hours only.

Last hurricane season, we hosted the beautiful wedding of Alexa & Luis at Hacienda222 (pictured above) the day before Hurricane Fiona.

Hurricane Fiona passed on a rainy Sunday, and we performed the beautiful elopement of CJ & Chris (pictured below) less than forty-eight hours later.

CJ & Chris were married 48 hours after hurricane Fiona.

When storms happen, Puerto Rico needs visitors to support its economy. One of the best ways to help is to visit and have a great time! Puerto Ricans are a warm and beautifully resilient people. They’ll be ready to welcome you in no time!

We’d love to help with your wedding, whenever it might be! Here’s to a safe and healthy September!


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