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What is the Best Time for an Outdoor Wedding?

What is the best time for an outdoor wedding?


As specialists in outdoor weddings, we are often asked what is the best time for an outdoor wedding. There are several considerations, some controllable, some not-so-much, from weather, to lighting, to comfort for you and your guests.  Here are our insider tips for the best time of day for an outdoor wedding:



Avoid the midday sun and heat 

In general, it is best to avoid a wedding during the middle of the day. We are close to the equator and it can get very hot. In addition, the overhead sun creates harsh lighting for photos, so even if you aren’t squinting from the bright sun, shadows and contrast can keep your photos and video from looking their best. For that reason, we encourage our couples to choose either a morning wedding (with a brunch celebration to follow) or a sunset wedding.



Embrace mornings like the locals

While you might think of sleeping in on weekends and vacations in the US, things get started early on our island and mornings can be truly magical. 

First, if you want an intimate and private wedding, mornings are a great option as beaches are rarely crowded. If you dream of that bright Caribbean blue as the backdrop for your wedding photos and video, a morning wedding is for you.  Also, the chances of rain are much lower in the morning. Caribbean weather patterns generally bring clear mornings and afternoon thunderstorms, especially during the rainy season. (April-November. Read more about the best time of year to get married in Puerto Rico here.) Finally, morning weddings allow for lovely brunch receptions and celebrations at our Hacienda222, a unique and stunning location with its own wonderful view and experience for you and your guests.

A potential downside to having a morning wedding? Be careful of travel times to your wedding destination, as they can create early starts. Also, such services as our doorstep hair and makeup artist might not be possible. 

Our insider tip: If you’re morning people, consider sunrise. It’s truly the best part of the day and you’ll have your entire wedding day to enjoy afterward!



Make a day and night of it

Who hasn’t daydreamed of being married, feet in the sand, in the Caribbean at sunset? Sunset weddings (actually, sunset weddings are scheduled at least an hour before actual sunset, to allow for ‘golden hour’ photography moments) will always be a popular choice. You’ll have the whole day to enjoy and prepare, from a relaxing morning to a pampering session from our hair and makeup artist, and travel to your wedding in style in our limousine. While dramatic sunsets depend on the weather and the cloud cover, sunset wedding photos can be gorgeous. And, if your wedding is at sunset, you can follow your afternoon wedding with a dinner and reception at Hacienda222.  

Drawbacks to an afternoon or sunset wedding? The likelihood of rain at an afternoon or sunset wedding is much higher than at a morning wedding. Even if it doesn’t rain, the forecast will almost certainly call for rain (it’s how the computer models work, especially in the rainy season). If it is important to have a non-rainy wedding day, an afternoon wedding might not be for you. Or, if seeing the forecast of rain as your wedding day approaches is going to be stressful for you, again, you might consider avoiding such potential stress altogether. Beaches are more intimate and quiet in the morning anyhow (see above!). Beaches can be more crowded for afternoon weddings, if you are looking for the deserted beach vibe we suggest a morning wedding. Or, consider choosing one of our more remote wedding locations.

If you’d like more information about having a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, contact us.  




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