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Our Favorite Remote Wedding Locations

The Best Remote Wedding Locations


Are you looking for a remote wedding location? You’re in the right place. We at Puerto Rico Destination Weddings Inc. are experts in all the best and secret remote wedding locations for a beautiful and deserted ceremony. Here is our guide to the best remote wedding venues in Puerto Rico.


First, head west! You won’t find too many remote wedding venues in and around the traffic and congestion and millions of people in the San Juan metro area.  The further you get from the big city, the more you’ll see lush tropical jungles, stunning cliffs, untouched sand dunes, waterfalls, and deserted beaches, instead of high-rise condominiums and resorts. For more information on why ‘west is the best’, check out our blog posts about where to stay, the best beaches, nightlife, and things to do. In the less populated west, you’ll find truly magical remote wedding locations. Here are some of our favorites:


El Pastillo

El Pastillo in Isabela is one of our favorite remote wedding spots. It is perfect for weddings, and for a fun day at the beach as well! Walk out on the beach and treasures await. To the west is a dramatic cliff and rock formations. Look carefully and you can see the cacique (Taino Indian chief) staring out to sea as he guards Isabela. To the east is a crescent-shaped sandy beach rimmed with palm trees.



Playa Princesa

Playa Princesa, or “Princess Beach” is a stunning and isolated beach surrounded by dramatic rock formations that’s truly ‘at the end of the road’. Playa Princesa is the entry to a long stretch of deserted beach not accessible by car, home to some of the last untouched sand dunes on the island.




Gozalandia Falls is everything you want in a tropical rainforest…lush foliage, meandering paths, and multiple waterfalls to explore and enjoy. This remote wedding location is perfect for an adventure elopement.


Swallows’ Pool

This beautiful tide pool, filled with crystal clear knee-deep water and surrounded by dramatic rock formations and beautiful crashing waves, is a perfect spot for a small wedding or adventure elopement. If you’re up for leaving your high heels at home, and seeking a  naturally stunning and unique location where you can splash around amid breathtaking beauty, then this might be the perfect beach wedding venue for you!


Peñon de Coco

We love Peñón de Coco for its dramatic cliffs and because it is an experience unto itself. It offers a romantic hike on a coastal trail, dramatic cliffside views, and a beautiful Caribbean beach. It’s another adventure elopement location, perfect for just the two of you and your shared sense of adventure!

You can’t go wrong with any of these remote wedding locations. If you have questions about which remote wedding location would be right for you, contact us, we’d love to help!




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