July 7, 2021

Get Married at Swallows’ Pool

Click above to see a playlist of wedding videos at Swallows’ pool, like the romantic wedding of Veronica & Stephen.



Get Married at Swallows’ Pool in Isabela, Puerto Rico

One of our favorite stunning, unique beach wedding venues is Swallows’ Pool in Isabela.

In Spanish, Swallows’ Pool is called “Poza de las Golondrinas” which literally means “Pool of the Swallows”. And it is, in fact, a lovely place for bird watching.

This beautiful tide pool, always filled with crystal clear knee-deep water, surrounded by dramatic rock formations and beautiful crashing waves, is a perfect spot for a small wedding or adventure elopement. If you’re up for leaving your high heels at home, and interested in a naturally stunning and unique location where you can splash around amid breathtaking beauty, then this might be the perfect beach wedding venue for you!



Swallows’ Pool is perfect for an adventure elopement. The shallow, protected tide pools are a beautiful spot for trash-the-dress (or suit) photography, as seen in this photo of Alexis & George.



Victoria & Anthony, another one of our adventurous couples, enjoyed a romantic moment on the shore for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.



Shelbie & Victoria added drone photography to their elopement package for dramatic, artistic wedding photos.



Melissa & Mark enjoyed a breathtaking sunset to end their wedding day.


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