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Looking for the best beach in Puerto Rico? Here are our recommendations.

If you are looking for the best beach in Puerto Rico, we encourage you to explore the whole island! Locals will tell you that the real Puerto Rico and all her magic are found when you step away from the big city. In that spirit, we share our favorite beaches on the west side of Puerto Rico, home to the friendliest locals and most beautiful beaches on the island. Take your rental car (it’s easy to get around, as GPS works well), explore, and find your own favorite beach in Puerto Rico.



#5 Jobos Beach in Isabela

Jobos Beach is famous island-wide as a great place to spend a lazy Saturday. Jobos is also known in the surf community as one of the best surf spots in Puerto Rico. We love it for its dramatic rock formations that create a shallow, protected swimming area. Palm trees provide plenty of shade for a long day at the beach, and its gentle waves are perfect for your first surf lesson. It also has a row of beach bars offering local fare with gorgeous views.




#4 Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla

This beach’s pier, once used by the nearby Ramey Military Base, now provides entertainment for adventurous visitors that can jump off the pier and swim back to shore. The water is very clear and usually calm. This is a great spot for paddle boarding and world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. Crashboat Beach boasts food trucks and a restaurant, as well as a fresh fish market. It’s a little like our community swimming pool.




#3 Montones Beach in Isabela

This beach is a local favorite, called Montones (mountains) for the rock formations that surround it. They also create a small pool of calm water, for swimmers and non-swimmers of all ages to enjoy. There’s also a small concession stand where you can purchase drinks and snacks on the weekends.




#2 Guajataca Tunnel in Isabela

You might have seen the Guajataca Tunnel in some of our wedding pictures and videos. This family-friendly area, where the Guajataca River runs into the Atlantic Ocean, offers so many activities for a fun day. Enjoy swimming and paddleboarding in the freshwater lagoon on the Guajataca River, hike through the abandoned train tunnel to the deserted beach on the other side, or just chill in the palm groves and enjoy a shady picnic on the beach.



#1 Borinquen Beach in Aguadilla

Just next to our famous wedding venue, The Ruins in Aguadilla, Borinquen Beach is the first of many special beaches along a stretch of uninhabited land. Perfect for a long romantic walk on the beach, or to hang your hammock in the palms. If you are looking for that deserted island vibe, Borinquen Beach is the place for you.

With so many fun options on the west side of the island, why not take a cue from the locals, and vacation in a place other than the city of San Juan?

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