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Do you need to rent a car in Puerto Rico?

Johanna and her father drove separately from the groom so they could have a ‘first look’ moment at the wedding altar.

Do you need to rent a car in Puerto Rico?


If you are planning to only spend a weekend or so at your San Juan high-rise hotel beach and pool, venturing out for dinner once or twice, but never leaving the metro area, then you don’t need to rent a car. Otherwise, you will enjoy the island and all she has to offer so much more if you rent a car in Puerto Rico and have your own transport.


Irene & Jose’s first dance, poolside at their beautiful vacation rental.


As for taxis and Ubers, there are some licensed taxis in the metro area. Ubers are here, but very limited. They are almost non-existent outside the San Juan metro area, even if the app says otherwise. Within San Juan, there are Ubers, but far fewer than in most U.S. cities, meaning wait times can be high (as in hours, not minutes). In addition, oftentimes they are not allowed at the airport due to strikes and battles with the taxi unions. 


Internet research might tease that there are viable public transport options, but beware. We are public transit aficionados and have never found a practical route or option, except for the San Juan airport to Old San Juan bus route which passes once an hour or so. 


Crystal & Chad’s wedding in Old San Juan. Old San Juan is walkable and worth checking out for a couple of days on your trip to Puerto Rico.


The good news is that it is easy to rent a car in Puerto Rico, and GPS works (especially if you have a bit of sense of adventure!). No special drivers’ license is needed, you need not speak Spanish, and most of the major car rental agencies are here as well. We highly recommend it; renting a car in Puerto Rico is THE key to seeing and enjoying the “real” island!


Lani & Sean, as well as their wedding party, rented a car during their trip to Puerto Rico.


Considerations for your trip and your wedding day:


Even if you can arrange (in advance, as you will not be able to do so upon request) for an Uber or a taxi to drive you to your wedding venue, if you are out of the San Juan metro area, you will need to pay them to wait and return, as you won’t be able to get a return vehicle. We do not recommend doing this.


While renting a car is a great way to go, rental cars on the island have become in short supply during the pandemic, and pickup and dropoff waiting times can be high. Be careful that you have a reservation long in advance, that you confirm that reservation, and that you pick your car up before your wedding day, as there are likely to be delays.


Marisol & Lorenzo left the driving to the professionals and booked our limousine transportation for their wedding.


Another great option is to leave the driving to us, and hire our limousine for your wedding day. Leave the navigating to us, and arrive in style!


If you’d like more information about getting married in Puerto Rico, please contact us. We’d love to help!



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