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Top Five Things To Know About our Barefoot on the Beach Wedding Package (a “Wedding in a Box”)


We work with couples every day who want many of the elements of a traditional wedding, yet still want to enjoy their vacation. Having to coordinate vendors, make payments, manage timelines, handle last-minute hiccups, and more just isn’t a great way to spend your time in Puerto Rico with loved ones. The solution? Our Barefoot on the Beach wedding package. It’s a wedding in a box package where all you need to do is show up. Here are five things to know about our Barefoot on the Beach wedding package:

wedding in a box package

#5 Work with the best 

Our Barefoot on the Beach wedding package team represents the best-in-the-business. Everyone is very good at what they do, understanding that the needs and the wishes of destination weddings and elopements are different than traditional church-and-hotel-ballroom weddings which are the norm in Puerto Rico. We’ve worked together on truly hundreds of destination weddings and elopements.

wedding in a box package

#4 It’s all about the vibe 

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the color of your flowers or the readings at a ceremony. Even more important on your wedding day is the vibe and the energy of those surrounding you and your day. We love what we do, and we have a blast on wedding days (while staying super professional and attentive to every detail). We want our couples to be relaxed and have fun as well, and we’ll do everything to make that possible.

wedding in a box package

#3 Love is love is love

The Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. team is 110% LGBTQ friendly. Every team member, every vendor, every local business we recommend has been thoroughly vetted for inclusivity and welcomes with open arms all couples and their loved ones.

wedding in a box package

#2 Don’t worry about changing headcounts

Headcounts can be tough to estimate in advance for destination weddings. Our Barefoot on the Beach wedding package is designed for six to fifty guests. Should you have more than twenty guests, simply pay per guest above and beyond twenty. It’s easy!

wedding in a box package

#1 Leave it to the professionals

We always hear from our couples how easy and effortless it was working with us to get married in Puerto Rico. This wedding in a box package helps make that possible.

Contact us for more information about booking a wedding in a box, or one of our Barefoot on the Beach wedding packages!



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