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Livestreaming Your Wedding

The world of weddings has certainly been affected by this year’s pandemic. For instance, we’re seeing lots of trends and innovations, from the popularity of micro weddings and elopements, to requests for livestreaming weddings for the benefit of loved ones unable to travel.
Most of our couples choose to capture their intimate day with our photography and videography services. It enables them to share their curated albums telling their wedding day story, or to play a finished video featuring drone footage to share at a celebration or reception. Others are exploring the real-time option of livestreaming their wedding to loved ones around the world.

livestreaming your wedding

Livestreaming is a popular request these days, so we wanted to take a moment to share the reality and challenges involved to livestream a wedding in an island environment.
There are many different solutions and packages for livestreaming a wedding. However, they usually don’t consistently work in Puerto Rico, where internet connectivity is unreliable or non-existent on our deserted beach locations, and power outages regularly bring down cell and wifi coverage to even populated areas. Even simple solutions like Facebook Live do not consistently work at most of our beach venues.
Furthermore, as our lovely sea breezes create audio interference, livestreaming without microphones and specialized equipment will not allow your loved ones to hear and follow a beach wedding ceremony, regardless of what you might research or what a ‘local professional’ might tell you.
We’ve explored all the options, and we’re happy to offer a hard-wired, broadband and protected solution at Hacienda 222, featuring two cameras and audio. In addition, because Hacienda 222 is ‘off-the-grid’ and utilizes solar energy, we’re protected against Puerto Rico’s omnipresent power outages.


We can add livestreaming your wedding to any of our packages for your wedding at Hacienda 222, for a small additional cost. Let us know if you’d like to livestream your wedding!


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