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Pragya & Tania’s Nepali Wedding in Puerto Rico


You can get a feel for Pragya & Tania’s Nepali wedding in Puerto Rico by watching their beautiful wedding video above.


Pragya & Tania’s Nepali Wedding in Puerto Rico


Nepali Wedding traditions are rich and varied, as so many religions and cultures come together in that part of the world. For instance, many couples consult an astrologer to determine auspicious wedding dates for them, and some wedding celebrations can last seven days! Pragya & Tania’s elopement didn’t quite last seven days, but it was still important to them to honor their Nepali wedding traditions. Their officiant, Ashley Wright, who has spent extensive time in both Nepal and India, and loves the symbolism and ethos of Hinduism, was delighted to oblige! 


Pragya & Tania exchanged mala’s  (ceremonial grass garlands literally translated as “victory garland”). The brides each placed a mala made of grass and a mala made of flowers over their betrothed. This signifies their acceptance and love for one another.



Pragya & Tania started their ceremony with the lighting of incense. In Nepali ceremonies, fire is a purifier and foundation for a sustained life together.

We love our adventurous couples! Pragya & Tania were not afraid of a little water.



Such a romantic sunset moment!



Felicidades to the happy couple!


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