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Saludos all, and feliz año nuevo!

It’s 2021, and I hope that this message finds you all well! I write this with the same thoughts I’m sure many of you have. We’re happy to see the end of 2020, yet not quite sure what the upcoming year holds. While we’re wishing that things were a little bit more ‘back to normal’, we’re happy we’ve stayed safe and healthy and we know we have a good and proven process for whatever we must face.

We’ve planned and performed dozens of weddings since the pandemic began, under changing conditions and regulations. We’ve worked with couples downsizing their wedding day, but still seeking something beautiful and memorable. We’ve married long-term couples who needed to make it legal for health insurance purposes. We’ve provided amazing wedding experiences for folks on vacation needing something beautiful and special in their lives. Whatever the circumstances, we want to be a part of your special day!

Read on to learn more about our last wedding of the year, at The Ring at our hacienda, the perfect, stunning, private, open-air plan A OR plan B wedding location. Lauren & Chris originally planned a wedding on the beach, though they shared at the end of the wedding day that they were so happy that the universe conspired to change their plans! We also include some fun facts about a Puerto Rican tradition, as well as some updates to the legal requirements to be married in Puerto Rico.

Let us know how we can help you or a loved one get married in Puerto Rico, and, as always, stay safe and healthy!


Zoom In: 
The Wedding of Lauren & Chris


Click above to see Lauren & Chris’s stunning wedding video.


Lauren & Chris, along with their lovely family and friends, had a beautiful wedding celebration to close out 2020 with a flourish. Their guests sat on white picnic blankets as Lauren walked down the aisle to The Ring with a breathtaking ocean view as a backdrop.



After the ceremony, the wedding party enjoyed a dinner celebration while the sun set and the full moon rose, simultaneously. Their meal included delicious local fish and steak, with elevated Puerto Rican side dishes and fresh-squeezed passionfruit mojitos.


 The kids all had a blast meeting all the animals at The Hacienda as the band played their favorite tunes in the background.


Felicidades to the happy family!


Fun Fact: The Puerto Rican Cuatro


Lauren & Chris’s wedding ceremony was accompanied by the sounds of a Puerto Rican cuatro, the national instrument of Puerto Rico. This violin-shaped traditional instrument is played the same way as a guitar. The historic Puerto Rican cuatro is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and was even featured in the hit single “Despacito”.


New Marriage Requirements In Puerto Rico


As experts in the process to be legally married in Puerto Rico, we are committed to keeping our couples updated with any and all requirements from the Puerto Rican government. Read all about the latest changes, and our revised process, in our recent blog post.



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