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Wedding “Stuff”

We know that it’s easy to go down the proverbial rabbit hole of buying and bringing “stuff” for your wedding day. Indeed, Pinterest, wedding websites and magazines, Etsy, family members and loved ones, Michaels, and more, are filled with ideas on how to customize and personalize your wedding. They usually involve buying, creating and bringing favors, gifts, signs, cake toppers, candies or chocolates, mini-sized items, other items, and more.

Our advice? Less is more, always. You are being married in one of the most breathtaking places you or your guests will ever see. It WILL be personal and memorable, and no party favor ‘made in China’ or custom-ordered online with your names on it will enhance the experience.

Actually, what we usually see is that bringing and placing importance on such “stuff” will have the opposite effect, creating stress around your wedding day. Whatever you buy you must pack, you must carry in hot and windy weather, you must remove packaging, and so much more. You will be busy on your wedding day. Even a small five-minute task preparing favors will be distracting. 

If you have a specific idea that is important to you, please communicate it with us in advance, and arrange in advance to deliver in person at least 24 hours before your wedding (we cannot accept mailed deliveries). If you have loved ones insisting on helping and contributing such “stuff” or ideas, please encourage them not to. “Our wedding team has everything covered so that you can enjoy your vacation” is a great response.

If you still have special ideas involving any of the above, we will do our best to accommodate. But please know that our team is efficient and streamlined and we plan ahead. Please don’t bring us bags of “stuff” to integrate in your wedding decor and design. In addition, please be mindful that ideas that work in air-conditioned ballrooms or barns in Connecticut don’t always work in our windy and hot weather, or with the custom decor scheme planned for your wedding. We can and will make game-time decisions on whether to include.

Take it from us! Keep it simple, always. Consider donating to a local Puerto Rican charity instead in your guests’ name. Leave the decor and the customizations to us, we’ve got you covered.

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