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The wedding of Rosi & Andre at the stunning Hacienda222 in Isabela

Some of our Favorite Wedding Venues in Puerto Rico…

Wedding venues in Puerto Rico that offer a stunning, natural location for your special day are easy to come by if you know where to look. At Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc., we are Puerto Rico’s leader in small weddings and elopements. We have intimate knowledge of the most scenic and beautiful locations and are always on the search for the most beautiful places for a destination wedding venue in Puerto Rico. We believe in small, simple, stress-free wedding experiences, and letting the beauty of nature speak for itself. Today we’d like to share a few of our favorite wedding venues in Puerto Rico.




Hacienda222 is our expansive cliffside open-air, off-the-grid, extraordinarily stunning events venue. Covering more than an acre of grassy hillside, it overlooks one of the last deserted beaches on the island. It’s filled with gardens and landscaping featuring natural beauty and an amazing view, as well as creative and sustainable design, such as decks and gazebos and our beloved Bohio and Torre. Wherever you are on Hacienda222, the view will be stunning, the vibe will be relaxed, and the backdrop will be perfectly perfect for your ceremony and wedding celebration!


Playa Princesa


If you are looking for a Puerto Rico wedding venue where you’ll feel like the last two people on earth, then Playa Princesa is the place for you. One of the less-traveled beaches in Puerto Rico (indeed, locals don’t even know of it), Playa Princesa is home to large, stunning tide pools that make for beautiful, dramatic wedding pictures. We recommend including drone photography that captures this one-of-a-kind wedding venue as your backdrop. With its dramatic cliffs and bright blue water, Playa Princesa is simply gorgeous!


El Pastillo


El Pastillo in Isabela is one of our favorite beach wedding spots. It is perfect for weddings, and a fun day at the beach as well! El Pastillo is a bit of a secret spot; most tourists and Puerto Ricans have never even seen it and a busy day there means that you might see one or two other cars.

It’s easy to find if you know where to go, and there’s free parking right off the beach. Walkout on the beach and treasures await. To the west is a dramatic cliff and rock formations. Look carefully and you can see the cacique (Taino Indian chief) staring out to sea as he guards Isabela. To the east is a crescent-shaped sandy beach rimmed with palm trees. Whatever your vision for your wedding day, El Pastillo is a great option and sure to deliver!


Peñon de Coco


Peñón de Coco is one of our hidden gem wedding locations, and it is stunning. We love Peñón de Coco for its dramatic cliffs and because it is an experience unto itself. It offers a romantic stroll on a coastal trail, dramatic cliffside views, and a beautiful Caribbean beach. This adventure elopement spot is truly one of a kind!


Swallows’ Pool

Swallows’ Pool is a beautiful tide pool, always filled with crystal clear knee-deep water, surrounded by dramatic rock formations and beautiful crashing waves. It’s a perfect spot for a small wedding or adventure elopement. If you’re up for leaving your high heels at home, and interested in a naturally stunning and unique location where you can splash around amid breathtaking beauty, then this might be the perfect beach wedding venue for you!



Gozalandia Waterfalls is the ideal location for our most adventurous couples. The name Gozalandia fittingly translates to ‘Joy Land’. These privately owned waterfalls offer all the majesty of a tropical rainforest without the crowds and tour buses of El Yunque. If you want a truly unique wedding experience and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, Gozalandia is the place for you!


Guajataca Tunnel




Guajataca Tunnel is one of our wedding locations with the most variety. It features so many beautiful backdrops for your wedding … an abandoned historic train tunnel, a palm grove, long stretches of secluded beach and a peninsula jutting out between the sea and a freshwater pool and river.

Puerto Hermina


Puerto Hermina wins our award for the wedding venue with the most fascinating history. This wedding venue is a beautiful sandy cove with dramatic stone ruins, rumored to be the lair of the pirate Cofresi, the original pirate of the Caribbean. Not only is this a truly a stunning location with an amazing history, we love the strong community that surrounds this special place.  A small group of local citizens volunteer their time and resources to keep Puerto Hermina beautiful and they are always thrilled to see our wedding couples enjoying a place that means so much to them.


The Ruins

The Ruins in Aguadilla is one of our most popular wedding locations. This picturesque location was once a lighthouse, destroyed more than one hundred years ago. A little off-the-beaten-path, like many of our favorite wedding venues, the drive takes you through a golf course and down an unpaved section of road to get to The Ruins. But it’s well worth the adventure! Weddings can take place inside The Ruins or at several stunning locations on the beach just outside. This wedding venue is big enough to have a large wedding party, while also perfect for an intimate elopement.

Finally, if you have any questions about wedding venues in Puerto Rico, please fill out our contact form. We would love to help!



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