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Top Five Tips for a Christmas Wedding

We love the extended festive season in Puerto Rico. Celebration, community, music, food and drink, and so much more take center stage on our beautiful island for the holiday months. It can also be a great time to plan a Christmas wedding in Puerto Rico … here are five reasons why!



#5 What a party!

Christmas in the Caribbean is a very special event. Puerto Rico has one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world with festivities starting as early as October and lasting all the way until Valentine’s Day!




#4 White Christmas

Imagine your own White Christmas….on a white sandy beach, that is! Why stay in the cold, shoveling snow, when you can get married with your feet in the sand?




#3 Food and drink … yum! 

Like so many places in the world, Navidad traditions in Puerto Rico revolve around food. From the famous arroz con gandules, to pasteles, to roasted pig (lechón), there is so much to choose from! And of course, everything goes great with a shot of coquito, a coconut-based drink that is a local holiday staple (think eggnog only so much better!).




#2 Winter weather is gorgeous

Winter is a great time to visit Puerto Rico. While we enjoy great weather year-round, (see this blog post), visiting Puerto Rico around Christmas time is a great time to get away from the cold back home.



#1 Community 

 What’s Navidad without enjoying with loved ones? Navidad in Puerto Rico is all about community. Impromptu parties abound, and everyone’s always welcome to join in the fun. What a great place for a Christmas wedding!

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