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Top Five Things to Know About a Micro Wedding

As coronavirus has caused many of us to rethink weddings and events, we’ve seen micro weddings grow in popularity. Micro weddings are bigger than an elopement, but smaller than a traditional wedding. They can also be a great way to focus on the love and meaning of the day, rather than party planning and to do lists. Here are five things to know about a micro wedding:


#5 Traditions matter, especially those that you choose

One of the fun things about a micro wedding is that you can pick the traditions that matter to you. For instance, maybe throwing the bouquet isn’t your thing, but you’d like to take a romantic first walk on the beach.




#4 Keep your guest list small and simple

Really consider who you want to be with you on that meaningful day. People are increasingly understanding these days that invitations to third cousins and distant family friends are no longer expected.



#3 Hire and trust experts in micro weddings

Micro weddings often have different vibes and different considerations, though the details in planning are always what create effortless wedding day experiences. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean that planning doesn’t need to take place. Be sure that your team has extensive experience working with small groups and micro weddings and their unique requirements.


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#2 Consider how you’ll share your day with others who are unable to attend

Photography and videography for micro weddings are important ways to share with loved ones who might not be able to attend. Be sure that your team is skilled at photojournalism and capturing the story of the day, rather than just producing posed shots. You’ll want to share your wedding day experience and all the fun that went into it, maybe even at a party or reception at a later date.



#1 It’s your day and it should be the way you want it

If you choose to have a micro wedding, consider what’s important to you and don’t be afraid to hold your ground when others have ideas and requests. Like any wedding, micro weddings can turn big and elaborate. If it’s important to you to keep it small and simple, focus on that!

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