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Top Five Things We Missed While Under Coronavirus Lockdown


For today’s Friday Five, we’d like to reflect for a moment about how happy we are to be doing weddings again … lots of them! Enjoy our top Five Things We Missed While Under Coronavirus Lockdown, and how happy we are to be “back in the game”!
5. Working with our patient and flexible couples
People love to ask us about bridezilla stories, and we’re so happy to say we have almost none to share, even in today’s days of changed and alternate plans. Erika & Sam were our last wedding before our world changed, only two days before our lockdown was announced. While their honeymoon and trip in Puerto Rico wasn’t exactly what they planned, their plan B is to come back and enjoy it all over again!

4. Our team – simply the best

We love everyone we work with! As a team, and indeed, a family, we’ve worked hundreds of weddings together; even our couples have commented how efficient and collaborative we are, creating stress-free wedding experiences where we solve anything that comes up without our couple even realizing there was a hiccup. We didn’t realize just how much we missed our team until we didn’t see everyone’s smiling and hard-working faces all the time!

3. Being outside in such beautiful environments

We’ve said it a million times, but we love our ‘offices’, whether our own cliffside open-air facilities, The Ruins of Aguadilla, the old sugarcane train tunnel at Guajataca, or the pirate’s lair at Puerto Hermina. It’s a privilege to call these stunning locations our workplaces, and isn’t it great that they are open-air and relatively safe in today’s Covid environment.

2. Couples who become friends for life

We always seem to have the perfect couples for the perfect moments. Maddy & Jimmy, for instance, were our first wedding dinner at our office facilities (stay tuned for more information about that!). Their gang had a blast among their relaxed luxe decor and yummy surf & turf dinner, and we all truly seemed like one big family!

1. All the possibilities to come

… Yes, we are optimistic about the future! We’ve been doing small weddings and elopements long before any global pandemic, and we’re delighted to continue to provide this vital and happy service, for all of our wonderful couples!

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Photo: AJR Photo Studio

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