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Top Five Elopement Ideas

We at Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc., just love elopements and the simplicity of making a commitment without a lot of fanfare. Just you and the one you love in a beautiful place, saying I Do. Here are five elopement ideas to make your elopement magical.



#5 Keep it simple 

Over the years of planning hundreds of elopements, we have found that keeping things simple allows you to be present in your special moment. There is no need for handcrafted wedding favors, or hand-lettered wedding programs. The most important part of your wedding day is the person you are sharing it with.



#4 Find a hidden spot

We love the beauty and intimacy of an off-the-beaten-path wedding venue. Trust the experts to find your perfect gorgeous deserted beach or remote location to say I Do.



#3 Choose your traditions

There are no rules for an elopement, so make your own. Even the smallest wedding can include the traditional touches that you want to keep, while ignoring those that don’t make sense for you. Include flowers and decor for that wedding day vibe and photos. Or add cake and champagne to your elopement package and make it a party for two. It’s your day, your way.



#2 Capture the day

An elopement doesn’t mean your loved ones aren’t included; it just means they’ll enjoy your wedding day story a bit later. We always recommend getting amazing pictures and video to share with friends and family, a wedding day treasure that you will always cherish.



#1 Have fun!

Ditch any formal ideas you have about how to get married. Elopements can be full of personality and uniquely you! If your wedding is on the beach, your dress might get a little dirty and your shoes might get a little wet. Go with it! These are the things that will make your wedding day one-of-a-kind and a memory to last a lifetime.

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