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Top Five Reasons Eloping in Puerto Rico is So Much Better Than a Vegas Wedding

This year has been full of changes and evolutions for so many, and we’re no exception. We’ve seen elopements and small weddings explode in demand and popularity. We’ve found ourselves answering so many questions about eloping in Puerto Rico, and what that means as a U.S. citizen in terms of paperwork and planning. By means of explanation, we often find ourselves saying that working with us is as easy as a Vegas wedding, only so much more beautiful. Yet there are so many reasons why eloping in Puerto Rico is so much better than a Vegas wedding … here are five!



#5 It’s easy and legal

Everything is fully online these days. You send us your paperwork and we take care of everything from there! And, as a U.S. territory, no passports are needed for eloping in Puerto Rico.



#4 Get married AND enjoy an amazing honeymoon on the same beautiful island

Who wants to get on another airplane, especially in today’s times, to travel to your honeymoon after your wedding? For convenience and expense, eloping in Puerto Rico is so much better than a Vegas wedding.



#3 What a place for a family vacation

If your wedding plans include loved ones and children, there is no better place to enjoy time with your family than on the beaches, waterfalls, and magic of Puerto Rico. Most folks can use a vacation these days, so why not combine one with eloping in Puerto Rico?



#2 Last-minute? No problem! 

We’ve planned and performed legal weddings in less than twenty-four hours’ notice. Impulsive and romantic isn’t unique to Vegas weddings!



#1 Puerto Rico’s natural and stunning beauty 

Our officiants might not be Elvis impersonators (though we’re open to the request!), but with deserted beaches, stunning waterfalls, pirates’ lairs, and ruins of old lighthouses as your backdrop, eloping in Puerto Rico is so much better than a Vegas wedding.

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