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Top Five Tips from Your Wedding Photographer

Our wedding photographers and videographers and drone pilots are great at what they do, and most of our couples find their photo session to be both fun and relaxing. Our team is experienced working with all types of personalities, from experienced models, to those who’ve never had a professional photoshoot. Here are some tips to get the best out of your photo or video session, before, during, and after your ceremony, resulting in the most beautiful curated album or video featuring drone footage.



#5 Be on time 

We’ve carefully considered the best lighting for each location, and our meeting time and ceremony start time depend on that. Some locations or beaches are north-facing or have mountains or cliffs blocking the afternoon sun, and they get darker earlier. For instance, a wedding that takes place at actual sunset will appear very dark in photos and videos.



#4 Phone-free zone

If you have guests, ask them to not use their phones or cameras during your ceremony (we’ll remind them as well). Not only is the collective vibe and energy so much more loving and meaningful when everyone is witnessing and watching directly, rather than through a screen, having a bunch of cameras or phones held high or in the aisle can ruin the timeless and beautiful look of your professional photos.



#3 Take turns

If one of your loved ones or guests wants to take photos, we ask that they not do so during the ceremony (see above). If they’d like to do so afterward, our photographer will wait until they are finished before beginning his or her own session (note: this could reduce your professional photography time, as timing is often dictated by when the sun sets). Having multiple photographers gets confusing, with people not sure whose camera to look at. In addition, our photographers have their own methods for bonding with couples and capturing their personalities, which don’t work when folks are responding to others’ requests or cameras.



#2 Be creative

Feel free to come with ideas for photos, specific requests for family groupings. Or, simply show up, and leave the ideas and any poses to our team. No matter how prepared, or not, you might be, we are flexible yet professional, and we have you covered!



#1 Do a final check

We always do a final check with our couples before they walk down the aisle. We look for sunglasses, that random scrunchie on your wrist, bouquet placement, and more. All the little details add up to beautiful wedding pictures you will treasure forever.

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