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Top Five Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding in Puerto Rico

We might be on a tropical island, but we do have four seasons, each of which brings special beauty and considerations to a wedding celebration. Winters in Puerto Rico are simply gorgeous; we think a winter wedding in Puerto Rico is a beautiful way to get married!


#5 Navidad!

With one of the world’s longest Christmas seasons, Puerto Rico starts celebrating as early as October. Many towns have beautiful light displays in the town square. Festivity abounds!



#4 The weather is perfect

If you live in a place with a cold climate, visiting a tropical island in winter can be heaven! Although the temperature in Puerto Rico only varies by about 5 degrees between winter and summer, the winters are slightly cooler and generally lovely.



#3 The beaches are deserted

If you love the deserted beach look, a winter wedding in Puerto Rico might be for you. The winter is the off-season for local beachcombers, so you are more likely to have a beach all to yourself!



#2 The ocean is gorgeous, and you might even see whales

If you love the dramatic look of the ocean crashing over the rocks as seen in the wedding of Shelbie & Victoria, then a winter wedding in Puerto Rico is the perfect setting for you. Winter is surf season in Puerto Rico, when surfers around the world congregate on the island to enjoy the big waves and island vibe. The waves are beautiful and make a gorgeous backdrop for your beach wedding. And, you might have a humpback whale or two as a wedding crasher; January-March is when they migrate and fill our seas with a daily – or hourly – display!



#1 Travel is easy

Because Puerto Rico is a US territory, it is an easy place to travel to for your winter wedding. With flights from the US only a few hours, it couldn’t be an easier trip. A few other advantages: there is no need for a passport, your cell phone works here without international charges, and the currency is US Dollars. You just can’t go wrong!

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