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Puerto Rico Marriage License Guide

November 17, 2022

Joanna Perez


If you’ve spent any time at all trying to figure out how to be legally married in Puerto Rico, you’ve probably read or heard incorrect information.

From other wedding companies to the official government tourism sites, almost every website lists old, outdated requirements from before November 2020.

Below, please read the different updates and blog posts we’ve made on our own website over the past several years. We are truly the experts in this process, and our couples repeatedly say how easy we make the entire process. (Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer our help and support for couples DIYing it or working with other venues or companies, but we do provide advice below on working with others).

Marriage requirements for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc. is truly the expert in destination weddings and elopements in Puerto Rico. We legally marry and register the destination weddings of more couples than all other wedding companies and officiants on this island. You have come to the right place! We will provide dated and accurate updates on marriage requirements for Puerto Rico here.

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Fact check: legal requirements to get married in Puerto Rico

Most companies know very little about marriage requirements in Puerto Rico and have no processes in place to help wedding couples, especially destination wedding couples.

We are the exception.

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Getting a Puerto Rican Marriage License

As the island’s leader in destination weddings and elopements, we’ve answered thousands of questions about how to get a Puerto Rican marriage license. It has never been easier, if you use our services and follow our process. Please read carefully the following, and let us know what questions you have or how we can help!

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Our process for your legal wedding in Puerto Rico

As experts in the process and requirements to be legally married in Puerto Rico, successfully registering more than one hundred legal weddings PER YEAR, we have a proven and streamlined system that works.

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Finding a wedding planner to help with your marriage certificate

If you want to be legally married in Puerto Rico, it’s very important to talk about your marriage certificate with any wedding planner or wedding company you consider, before booking. Here is a bit of unofficial advice on how to choose a wedding planner in Puerto Rico who can really help you get your marriage certificate.

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Myths about getting legally married in Puerto Rico

Getting legally married in Puerto Rico has never been easier! There are many wonderful reasons to get married in Puerto Rico, and one of them is definitely how effortless it is. Here are the top five myths about getting legally married in Puerto Rico!

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If you have any questions about getting married in west Puerto Rico please contact us!

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Alex & Matt

“Our entire experience with Puerto Rico Destination Weddings was perfect. If you are at all nervous about the process of getting married in Puerto Rico (like we were), then worry no more. Ashley will provide you with all the information you need to know upfront about getting married in Puerto Rico. Every detail is covered, and Ashley is always available to answer questions you might have. It was truly a special experience that we will never forget. I have no doubt that you will have the best possible wedding experience (it’s truly an experience you won’t forget) if you choose PR Destination Weddings!”

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